Lynn Family Stadium - Louisville City FC (2023)

Photos by Marc Viquez, Stadium Journey

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Lynn Family Stadium350 Adams StLousiville, KY 40206

Louisville City FC websiteLynn Family Stadium website

Year Opened: 2020Capacity: 11,700

Lou City's Brand New Home for Soccer

Lynn Family Stadium opened in 2020 as the home for Louisville City FC of the United Soccer League Championship. The 11,700-seat stadium was designed by HOK for $65 million and can expand to 15,304 spectators. The venue is one of a handful of soccer-specific venues in the league and provides fans with an up-close and personal view of the action on the field.

Before the opening of the new venue, the club operated a few miles down the road at Louisville Slugger Field, dubbed Slugger Field for soccer matches. The Triple-A ballpark is intended for the Louisville Bats minor league club, and the club averaged close to 8,000 fans per game; it was the objective to build its venue and avoid certain situations during the playoffs.

The stadium features seating on all three sides of the pitch, with the open end facing the interstate and the Ohio River. A 40-by-72.5-foot video board greets motorists from the outside and fans on the inside. When the sunset for evening games, the beautiful red hues sparkled up above as the sunset in the west.

Louisville fans have been lucky since the club established a winning tradition from day one. The club advanced to two conference finals in its first two seasons and then hosted the next three USL Championship Finals. The team was displaced for the past two years due to the Festival of Trees and Lights taking place at the ballpark. Lou City opted for the University of Louisville soccer field, which sat about half the amount of people. Those days are now over if the club does indeed continue its winning ways.

Before opening their 2020 season, the play was suspended due to COVID-19, and the aspect of playing before 11,000-plus fans was voided. When play resumed later that year, attendance was capped and social distancing measures were enforced during matches. Still, as the season progressed and the Boys in Purple captured their division crown, it was almost business as usual at the stadium.

“Having 4,850 fans at our games since the USL restart has us eager to hear just how much louder it can get once we can reach above about 30% capacity,” Senior Director, PR, & Communications, Jonathan Linter stated. “Even with limited numbers, the supporters have been loud. It doesn’t have the feel of an empty stadium by any means.”

Food & Beverage 4

There are plenty of options to choose from during the match that include basic sports food choices and plenty of bourbon and beer from the various kiosks throughout the concourse. The pricing is reasonable. There isn’t one particular item that is over the top, like what you find at a minor league ballpark, but the food is hot and fresh.

The Hometown Pizza stands offer slices of cheese and pepperoni pizza for $7 and whole pies for $35. The aroma alone may earn a point, and plenty of fans line up to purchase a slice or two, along with a drink. The Butchertown BBQ stand on the east side of the stadium is another tempting find. The pulled pork and sliced brisket sandwiches cost $10 and $12, respectively.

Visitors will also find hot dogs, brats, nachos, fried chicken sandwiches, chicken tender baskets, burgers, fries, pretzels, and Caesar salads at the Shelbygrille Stand. The Frankfurt Franks kiosk near the south end sells a Korean cheesesteak with aioli and sticky sauce to give it a different flavor for $10. The Kroger Marketplace menu has vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.

There are plenty of bars that spread out along the concourse serving bourbons from Maker’s Mark, Four Roses, and Cooper’s Craft–each brand also creates its signature cocktail. The highlight is the Modelo Scoreboard Bar on the south end of the stadium.

The 72-foot Modelo bar is located under the video board and features several tables where people can stand around. For pregame festivities in the future, we’re excited about the adjoining 1020 beer garden. Fans can purchase Fall City Beer, Yuengling, and Miller are among the brews to choose from while you watch the action.

“All our concessions are open and operating under some new safety protocols due to COVID-19. That includes marked spots to stand in line promoting distancing, plexiglass barriers between cashiers and customers at points of sale, and cashless operations to limit touchpoints. All concessions are individually packaged,” added Linter.

Atmosphere 4

Despite the capacity limit, there were 4,900 fans at the game, the atmosphere is electric during the match. The Coopers, the official supporter group of Lou City, made its presence with drums, costumes, banners, and plenty of purple smoke, and on the opposite side of the stadium, a few more fans let off some smoke of their own after the two goals scored on the night. The stadium lights flash vividly before and after the game, and also when a goal is scored by the home team.

Outside the gates of the north end and the Modelo Scoreboard Bar is where pregame festivities will take place once the sports world is back to normal. The area includes a miniature-sized soccer pitch and a giant “LOU CITY” sculpture where fans can pose for photos in place of the missing “I”.

The roof of the seating area is colored and shaped like the sides of a bourbon barrel. The lights are slanted and can be adjusted for color, depending on the match. The concourse aisles are somewhat narrow, its walls decorated with Lou City art and players’ photos on the west side of the stadium. The opposite side is much more open and features a small table of merchandise. Also embedded inside the stadium are 18 luxury boxes and 250 Premier Club seats.

The gift shop has that brand-new smell and plenty of team merchandise from official jerseys, scarves, caps, t-shirts, and women's and children's gear. Racing Louisville also has a section of shirts that feature the club’s colors of deep purple and mint green. Several TV monitors are on display, and so are the team’s USL Championship trophies from 2017 and 2018.

Neighborhood 4

The stadium is located in the Butchertown section of town and within walking distance from the main plaza and Copper & Kings American Brandy Company. The up-and-coming neighborhood has renovated many of its meatpacking warehouses into shops, bars, and restaurants and provides an ideal spot before or after a match. Unfortunately, during our visit during the pandemic, only the distiller was open and included tours and food and drink on the upper level.

However, less than a mile away from the stadium is the affluent East Market District, also known as NuLu. You will find everything from vintage clothing stores, gourmet eateries, and restored furniture shops. A few recommendations would include La Bodeguita for Cuban cuisine, Royals Hot Chicken, Grind Burger Kitchen, and Feast BBQ for a bite to eat.

A few spots for a drink include the Old 502 Winery, Akasha Brewing Company, and the West Sixth NuLu which offers live music tucked away off the main street and surrounded by other shops and balcony seating. The Louisville Beer Store offers bottle service and drafts, but sadly they are closing by the end of October 2020. The Rabbit Hole Distillery and Garage Bar are other recommendations, but they were temporarily closed during our visit.

Fans 5

Despite the reduced capacity, there was plenty of raucousness during the match that hid the fact that there was a pandemic taking place. The Coopers were down a few supporters but made up with plenty of banging and chanting–although the singing was somewhat muted. There was also the sound of cheers and jeers from other faithful from the other end of the venue as Lou City came close to scoring a few more goals in the first half of play.

The fans were decked out in team colors of purple and gold; many kept their eyes on the action of pitch throughout the nailbiter that culminated in a 2-0 playoff victory for the home side. True, many were there for the night out of drinks and food with friends but were also aware of the action on the field. A nice collection of die-hards and casual fans.

Access 4

Lynn Family Stadium is located off of I-64 and is easily visible to motorists on the interstate. There are three lots for parking and must be pre-paid for $10. There is additional parking, when available, along the Louisville Waterfront Park and west of the stadium on Witherspoon Street.

Return on Investment 3

Tickets are available through SeatGeek and can sell around the $40 price tag for regular season and playoff matches. The limited tickets have created a high demand for ducats and perhaps will go down in pricing once the seating capacity is near 11,000 in future seasons. Tickets also can sell out quickly, and it is advisable to get them in advance of the game.

Parking prices are reasonable at $10, and there are options to park for less or even for free near the stadium if you want to do a little searching and don’t mind the light walk. Food and beverage pricing is also fair with the best deals coming from the Butchertown BBQ — $12 for a brisket sandwich and the outdoor bar where domestic cans are around $7.

Extras 4

There are a lot of bonus points for Lynn Family Stadium. The Modelo Scoreboard Bar is a popular place to grab a beer, talk to a few friends, and enjoy the game. The area also offers wonderful views of the game from behind the goal. The Coopers earn a point for being among the most boisterous groups in the league. The design of the stadium is also key; unlike the old ballpark, the visitors know first-hand that they’re at the home of Lou City.

Final Thoughts

Lynn Family Stadium is a wonderful addition to the league and a harbinger for the future of soccer-specific venues in the country. The bright and bold venue is what soccer stadiums should look like and what they could be to both team and fan. Lou City fans have been spoiled with the success on the pitch from their club and now they have an excellent venue to enjoy for many years to come.


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What do you need to bring to Lynn Family Stadium? ›

Guests are always required to wear shirts upon entry and shoes are always required. Guests wearing clothing deemed inappropriate by Lynn Family Stadium management may be denied access into the facility.

How much do LouCity soccer players make? ›

For Louisville City FC and the USL, a minor league under Major League Soccer, players don't receive annual salaries but instead get minimum monthly payments of $2,200. The minimum contract length for USL teams is 10 months, but some teams offer 12-month contracts.

What is the Lynn Family Stadium used for? ›

StadiumsLynn Family Stadium

Home to Louisville City FC of the USL Championship and the NWSL's Racing Louisville FC, the stadium boasts 18 luxury suites, premium seating amenities like club and loge seats along with ledge tables, and a massive safe-standing supporter section.

How much did it cost to build Lynn Family Stadium? ›

Of course, the $65 million stadium didn't land in Butchertown by accident.

How many seats are in Lynn Family Stadium? ›

Lynn Family Stadium in Louisville, Ky., is the largest soccer-specific stadium in the region with seating locations for 11,600 fans and a capacity of 15,304.

Who owns Lynn Family Stadium? ›

Lynn Family Stadium
OwnerSoccer Holdings, LLC
OperatorAEG Facilities
TypeSoccer-specific stadium
Capacity11,700 (expandable to 15,304)
13 more rows

Do USL league 2 players earn? ›

USL 2 is amateur so zero. The league is mainly made up of college kids who'd lose NCAA eligibility if they got paid.

How many USL players make it to MLS? ›

Even with free transfers, the potential for upward movement in American soccer is appalling: before the 2018 season, 20 players went from independent USL and NASL clubs to MLS rosters. Before 2019, that figure plummeted to just four. It's no wonder those underdog stories are missing from the United States soccer scene.

How much does a Kentucky soccer coach get paid? ›

As of Jun 2, 2023, the average annual pay for a High School Varsity Soccer Coach in Kentucky is $42,217 a year.

Who plays in Lynn Family Stadium? ›

Who is Lynn stadium named after? ›

The university named the venue after Dr. Mark and Cindy Lynn for their $5 million donation towards its construction.

How old is Lynn Family Stadium? ›

What is the most expensive stadium built? ›

SoFi Stadium ($5.50 Billion)

SoFi Stadium is not only the most expensive stadium in the world, it's one of the first indoor-outdoor stadiums to be built. The SoFi Stadium also sits at the heart of a 298-acre development for entertainment, retail, commercial, and recreational space in the area.

What are the most expensive stadium builds? ›

Most Expensive NFL Stadiums
  • SoFi Stadium. $4.9 Billion.
  • Allegiant Stadium. $1.9 Billion.
  • MetLife Stadium. $1.7 Billion.
  • Mercedes-Benz Stadium. $1.5 Billion.
  • AT&T Stadium. $1.3 Billion.
  • Levi's Stadium. $1.3 Billion.
  • U.S. Bank Stadium. $1.1 Billion.
  • Lucas Oil Stadium. $720 Million.
Oct 17, 2022

What was the most expensive football stadium to build? ›

SoFi Stadium, Inglewood California

The SoFi Stadium is not only the most expensive NFL stadium but the most expensive sports arena in the entire world. The massive stadium is not only an NFL field but also a venue for concerts and other sporting events like the Olympics (in 2028).

What is the most seater football stadium? ›

Rungrado 1st of May Stadium

How much did the Louisville soccer stadium cost? ›

$ 65 million

What league is Lou FC in? ›

LouCity, as the club is often referred by, is a member of the fully professional USL Championship, now sanctioned Division 2 by U.S. Soccer.

When did Lynn Family Stadium open? ›

What's the capacity of Cardinal stadium? ›

Where does Racing Louisville play? ›

Racing Louisville Football Club is a National Women's Soccer League team based in Louisville, Kentucky. It began playing in 2021 at Lynn Family Stadium.

Can a team go from USL to MLS? ›

While there are ordered tiers in the U.S. soccer system below MLS, such as the United Soccer League (USL), clubs generally aren't permitted to move between levels. And when they do jump up, it's to become MLS expansion teams based on financial merit rather than on-field performance.

Is USL 2 semi pro? ›

United Soccer League 2 (USL 2), formerly known as the Premier Development League (PDL), is a semi-professional developmental soccer league sponsored by United Soccer Leagues in the United States and Canada, forming part of the United States soccer league system.

Is USL as good as MLS? ›

Level of Competition: MLS is considered the top-tier league with some of the best players in the world, while USL is a lower-tier league with a mix of up-and-coming young players and experienced veterans. Number of Teams: MLS has 27 teams, while USL has more than 30 teams across multiple divisions.

Is USL bigger than MLS? ›

Major League Soccer is the top league in America. The United Soccer League has hopes of unseating MLS, but is currently the second-tier division in America. The games are played by the same rules no matter which league you are watching: Kick the ball in the net and don't allow your opponent to do the same.

What is the average USL salary? ›

How much does an Usl Soccer make? As of Jun 10, 2023, the average annual pay for an Usl Soccer in the United States is $38,444 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $18.48 an hour. This is the equivalent of $739/week or $3,203/month.

How much does a USL League One team cost? ›

Most of the initial Super League teams will be launched by groups that also own USL men's teams in the same market, a major growth opportunity for those organizations. Papadakis confirmed the current expansion fee for USL Championship clubs is $20 million, while the buy-in for League One teams is $5 million.

What is the highest college soccer coach salary? ›

College Soccer Coach Salary
PercentileSalaryLast Updated
25th Percentile College Soccer Coach Salary$42,679May 25, 2023
50th Percentile College Soccer Coach Salary$52,565May 25, 2023
75th Percentile College Soccer Coach Salary$64,416May 25, 2023
90th Percentile College Soccer Coach Salary$75,205May 25, 2023
1 more row

Who is the lowest paid football coach? ›

#1 - Kevin Stefanski, Cleveland Browns – $3.5 million

According to NBC, head coach Kevin Stefanski is paid $3.5 million a year as the head coach of the Cleveland Browns. In 2020, Kevin Stefanski was hired by the Cleveland Browns, following 13 years as an assistant coach with the Minnesota Vikings.

How much is coach K salary? ›

Coach K Pay Totals $12.5 Million in 2020-21, Duke Filings Reveal –

Who plays at Louisville Slugger Field? ›

Louisville Slugger Field is home to the Louisville Bats professional baseball team, Triple-A Affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds.

What are the dimensions of the USL soccer field? ›

Rule 104 – Field Dimensions The minimum playing surface dimensions are 110 yards x 70 yards. The dimensions and markings of the field shall be measured according to standard FIFA specifications.

Who plays football at Toyota stadium Frisco? ›

It is the home stadium for FC Dallas, hosts the FCS title game and the Tropical Smoothie Cafe Frisco Bowl as well a variety of concerts, tournaments and other events.

What is Memorial Stadium named after? ›

Memorial Stadium was built in 1923 as a memorial to Illinois men and women who gave their lives for their country during World War I. Their names appear on 200 columns that support the east and west sides of the stadium.

Who is Jim Patterson Stadium named after? ›

The stadium opened in 2005 and is named after former Louisville baseball player and founder of Long John Silver's, Jim Patterson.

Who is OSU stadium named after? ›

In 1923, a cinder track was built around the football field, which would later be named after Olympian and Ohio State athlete Jesse Owens. The stadium was home to the OSU track and field teams until the opening of Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium in 2001.

Who plays at the KFC Yum Center? ›

How old is Toyota stadium Frisco? ›

How old is Taft stadium? ›

What was the cheapest football stadium built? ›

The cheapest NFL stadium belongs to Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers. Opened on Sept. 29, 1957, the initial construction cost for the “Frozen Tundra” was $960,000.

How much do stadiums make per game? ›

Stadiums make as much as $2 million per game on concessions, approximately $30 per fan in attendance.

What is the quickest stadium built? ›

From concept design to completion in only 40 months, Allegiant Stadium is the fastest designed and constructed US football stadium of its size.

What is the oldest NFL stadium? ›

1924: Soldier Field – Home of the Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears arrived in 1971, reconfiguring the seating and renovating the field into a full-time football stadium and the venue now stands as the oldest facility in the NFL.

What is the most expensive thing in the world? ›

International Space Station: $150 Billion

The most expensive thing in the world is related to the Universe and it is the International Space Station. The amount which has gone towards its existence in terms of building and designing is $150 billion.

Who is the most expensive NFL team? ›

The top 10 most valuable NFL teams are as follows:
  • Dallas Cowboys: 7.6 billion dollars.
  • Los Angeles Rams: 5.9 billion dollars.
  • New England Patriots: 5.9 billion dollars.
  • New York Giants: 5.4 billion dollars.
  • San Francisco 49ers: 5.2 billion dollars.
  • Chicago Bears: 5.0 billion dollars.
  • New York Jets: 4.8 billion dollars.
Apr 15, 2023

Who has the most expensive NFL tickets? ›

The Raiders have, by far, the most expensive tickets in the NFL on secondary markets, ticketing company Logitix said, via the Las Vegas Review-Journal. An average Raiders home game ticket at Allegiant Stadium is going for $595 on the secondary market.

What's the most expensive football card? ›

1958 Topps #62 Jim Brown ($358,500)

Throughout his career, Brown set numerous records and won several awards. Additionally, he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1971 and became well-known for his philanthropic endeavors following his football career.

What team plays at Lynn Family Stadium? ›

Who is the captain of Racing Louisville? ›

Racing Louisville captain Jaelin Howell said there's more work to do to keep improving, but Racing is “thrilled” with its three-game winning streak.

What is the big horse race in Louisville? ›

Home of the Kentucky Derby.

How many cars at the Street Rod Nationals in Louisville Kentucky? ›

In addition to more than 10,000 vehicles in attendance, the Street Rod Nationals features several activities and events underway during the show's four-day run.


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