Make a Bitmoji Virtual Classroom with Google Slides - Teach Every Day (2023)

Making this bitmoji virtual classroom for my students was so much fun! Google Slides makes it simple to create, and easy to share with my class. Here is a quick tutorial on how to make your own interactive virtual classroom!

To be honest… I am getting a bit tired of Google Classroom. I think my students are, too! This offers a fun, personalized, and colorful way to send work and information to my students.

Use your virtual classroom every day, on days when you need a substitute, or just as a fun change to the normal routine!

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To make your own interactive virtual classroom, open Google Slides and use a blank slide. Click on the ‘Explore’ button in the bottom right of the screen. Do a search for ‘floor and wall background.’ Select your favorite!

If you are not happy with any of these, you will find many more options by doing a google search outside of Google Slides. Save the image on your computer and then insert it into your slide by clicking Insert → Image → Upload from computer.

But why settle for walls? Maybe you want an outdoor classroom! In the rainforest! At the beach! On the moon!

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Now you are ready to fill your space. I found just about everything I needed for my room using the Explore image search from inside Google Slides. Many images already come with a transparent background, ready to go right into your classroom scene.

Some objects, I searched for in Google. If the object you want has a background, you can easily get rid of it by going to, a free online image editor.

Here, you can upload a picture and it will remove the background! Download the image, and once saved to your computer, you can insert the object into your Google Slide!

What kinds of things can you put in your bitmoji virtual classroom?

Anything you can dream of!

  • Posters, art, or decorations on the walls
  • Banners hanging from the ceiling
  • School supplies: staplers, markers, crayons, colored pencils, lined paper, notebooks, binders, text books
  • Student desk
  • Computer, laptop, phone, iPad
  • Subject specific supplies: dictionary, globe, maps, instruments, models
  • Class pet
  • Items related to a theme of the month or week – planets, animals, plants, math models, objects from history
  • Magical things like dragons, unicorns, rainbows, clouds, shooting stars!

If you want your students to access information in a particular order, consider adding numbers somewhere in your room. You can put a number on each sticky note on the board, or anywhere! Add numbers (or any text) by clicking the text box tool (Insert → Text Box) and then clicking in the slide where you want your text to be.

Put Yourself in Your Virtual Classroom With Bitmoji

I love having my bitmoji in my interactive virtual classroom. This gives a personal touch, and is a great place for students to click and hear a message from me. If you have a SnapChat account, then you probably already have a bitmoji.

I did not! And that is okay. It is simple to make one!

On your phone or tablet, get the bitmoji app and follow the steps to create your own bitmoji (it is really fun!).

Once your bitmoji is made, there is one more step before putting into your Google Slide.

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In order to use your bitmoji image on your computer, you will need this: the bitmoji chrome extension. Follow the instructions to install the chrome extension (you must use Chrome as your web browser for this!). When done, you will see the bitmoji ion in the upper right of your Chrome browser. Click on it, and choose your image! Right click to copy the bitmoji you like, and then paste into your Google Slide!

Click HERE to get fully editable virtual classroom templates to use right away!

Most of the bitmojis are silly, or have words around them. I simply chose one and cropped out the words.You can also do a search for “on the beach” or “floating”, “sitting” etc. and get some good ones!

Don’t want a bitmoji? That is okay! You can find a ‘teacher’ image – or have no teacher in your scene at all!

Make it interactive!

Now that you have your classroom image, it is time to make it interactive!

First, you can click on any object in your scene, and assign a URL to it. Select the object, and go to Insert – Link.

Do you want just part of an object to be a link? Use the shape tool to make a shape in that location on the object. Make the shape transparent, with a transparent border. Follow the same steps to assign it a URL.

What URLs will you link to your classroom?

  • Link a video of you giving instructions to your bitmoji!
  • Add the link the day’s assignment to the white board!
  • Link a Padlet to the sticky notes image!
  • Put a Webquest, FlipGrid, Sutori or ThingLink assignment to the computer image!
  • Link an assessment to the stack of books!
  • Link a Turn In Google Form to the turn in basket!(Related: Use Google Forms to turn in digital work!)

Related: Looking for another fun way to communicate with parents and students next year? Check out ClassTag. It has tons of features plus you can earn supplies for your classroom!

Links are easy to change for each day or lesson.

Let your students explore the classroom to find all the links you have put there, or include instructions on where to look! The instructions can be inside the Digital Classroom (like the arrow over the turn in basket) or separate instructions on another slide. If you keep things consistent, students will come to know where to look for the links they need!

Either way it is always good to include extra links just for fun! Maybe to a silly gif or interesting YouTube clip. Keep them engaged by moving and changing the fun links each day/week!

Share with your Students:

Sharing your Bitmoji Virtual Classroom is super easy. Share right through your Google Classroom, or give your students access to the share link though email or on your own class website. Be sure you set the share to ‘view only’ so that your students can not move things around the room.

Or, publish your classroom to the web! Go to File, Publish to Web, and click Publish. You will get a link which you can share with your students. It will look like THIS – and will automatically update each time you change something on the Google Slide.

One more idea! To make it easier for my students to get right to the digital classroom, I made a tiny url that could be easily remembered and typed into their computer or phone:

To make your own, head over to and enter your digital classroom published link, or share link (be sure it is view only!) and choose your own alias (all in the blue box). It may take a few try’s to get a URL that is not already taken (MrsParkersRoom was taken…) but the effort is worth it!

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Make a Bitmoji Virtual Classroom with Google Slides - Teach Every Day (5)

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How do you make a virtual Bitmoji classroom on Google Slides? ›

Click on Insert, hover over Image, then click on Upload from computer, navigate to your background image and click open, then scale the background to meet all edges. ​Next, you'll integrate your Bitmoji into Slide by clicking on the Bitmoji extension icon and search for any emote you want.

How do I add a Bitmoji classroom to Google classroom? ›

Drag from Chrome Extension

Click on the Bitmoji Chrome extension and drag the Bitmoji onto the Google Drawing. Alternatively, you can right click and choose “Copy Image.” Use Control V to paste onto Drawing canvas.

Can you make Bitmojis for students? ›

Choose a hair color, eye color, facial features, clothing, accessories, and more! Bitmoji will create a huge library of wacky stickers that you can use with your students. Use them to create posters, fun messages, feedback stickers for student work, digital storytelling, presentations, comics, and so much more!

What are alternatives to Bitmoji classroom? ›

The best alternatives to Bitmoji are Slack, Snapchat Chat 2.0, and Genies. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 20 alternatives below.

How do Bitmoji classrooms work? ›

A Bitmoji clasroom is a virtual classroom where educators can deliver content to students in a fun and engaging way. Educators can add a Bitmoji into a virtual classroom to create an animated experience for students.

Is Bitmoji classroom free? ›

Right-click to save our free classroom templates to your device, and click here for instructions on how to make your Bitmoji classroom in Google Slides. Follow those instructions so you can add your Bitmoji and personalize our classroom templates.

Why create a Bitmoji classroom? ›

Bitmoji classroom images are easy to make, fun, and help students feel more connected to a learning environment even when they're logging in from home. They incorporate interactive elements for students to click through and access assignments, documents, and websites.

How do I add Bitmoji to Google? ›

First, you need to add the extension to Chrome.
  1. Using Google Chrome, go to the Bitmoji extension page.
  2. Click "Add to Chrome."
  3. Click "Add extension." You'll be brought to page where you need to log in with your Snapchat or Bitmoji account.
  4. Click the Bitmoji icon in your top toolbar.
Jul 2, 2021

Why do so many teachers use Bitmoji? ›

It is all about mindset and engagement, which leads to learning. Bitmoji classrooms are a great engagement strategy for students. Teachers can link interactive assignments, lessons, readings, classroom resources, games, books, etc. for students to work on and it's very user friendly for students.

How do you make a Bitmoji transparent in Google Slides? ›

Google Slides has a built-in feature that allows you to adjust the transparency of an image easily. Click on your Bitmoji, then double-click to open the "Image" menu. Select "Format options." Once the Format options menu appears on the right side of your screen, click on the Adjustments tab.

What is the Bitmoji app for school? ›

Bitmoji clasroom is a virtual classroom where educators can deliver content to students in a fun and engaging way. Bitmoji is an app that uses emoji images created by the user to show a virtual representation of themselves.

What app allows you to create a Bitmoji? ›

Welcome to Bitmoji! There is more than one way to create a Bitmoji account: via Snapchat or with an email address. Download the Bitmoji Mobile app for Android or iOS to get started.

What age group is Bitmoji for? ›

Since the terms of service specify Bitmoji is for users over 13 (and some of the content is for more mature audiences), it's best saved for high school students.

How do you add Bitmoji to slides? ›

To get your Bitmoji in Google Slides, download the Bitmoji Chrome extension. Then, click the Bitmoji icon on your browser bar, select the Bitmoji you want, and drag and drop it onto the slide.

Is Bitmoji good or bad? ›

The app itself may be relatively safe. While hackers often use fake keyboard apps to steal users' passwords and spread malware, Bitmoji is not a virus or a malicious app. It's a legitimate app built by the creators of Snapchat, a popular social media app.

Is Bitmoji extension free? ›

Bitmoji for Chrome is a free browser extension that enables you to create personalized emojis with a personalized avatar.

How do I get Bitmoji on my Google keyboard? ›

Bitmoji for Gboard
  1. Download Gboard from the Play Store.
  2. Enable the keyboard from your Language Settings.
  3. Select Gboard as your Input Method.
  4. Select your Permissions Setting, then tap Done.
  5. In a messaging app, select Gboard as your keyboard.
  6. Tap the round smiley face icon, then tap Bitmoji.
Sep 13, 2022

How do I make my Bitmoji look like me? ›

In the Bitmoji app, tap on the happy face icon at the bottom of the screen to edit your avatar. Slide the customizations bar to browse the available customization options. Tap on the facial feature icon that you want to make edits to. Select the feature that best represents you and save your avatar!

How do you create a virtual classroom? ›

How to Set Up a Virtual Classroom
  1. Ensure Your Workspace is Ready. ...
  2. Download Helpful Tools and Plugins. ...
  3. Understand the Differences Between Virtual and Physical Learning. ...
  4. Provide Your Students with the Tools to Succeed. ...
  5. Lay Out Your Goals and Vision for the Class. ...
  6. Learn From Your Students. ...
  7. Consider Using Interactive Tools.
Sep 15, 2022

What is the most used Bitmoji? ›

The most popular form of Bitmoji is the avatar for 'I love you,' though good morning, good night and happy birthday are all used in huge quantities every day. Holidays too, including Christmas and Valentine's Day, typically cause a spike in use – “Bitmoji is the 21st century greeting card.”

What's the difference between emoji and Bitmoji? ›

Bitmojis are like Memojis, but they belong to the Bitmoji app owned by Bitstrips. Bitstrips is a company that makes personalized emojis and cartoon avatars.

Is there a teacher Emoji? ›

🧑‍🏫 Teacher emoji

The Teacher emoji 🧑‍🏫 displays a teacher standing in front of a chalkboard. It is commonly used to represent teachers or education.

Can you put a Bitmoji in Google Slides? ›

You can either just drag the bitmoji to your presentation or right-click on the bitmoji and select copy image > then paste the image into the slide. Resize or customize the bitmoji (crop, animate, etc.) according to your requirements, and you are all ready to move.

How do I find transparent images for Bitmoji classroom? ›

You can do this in Google by typing the item you wish to look for into the search bar, and then clicking IMAGES under the bar. Once you have clicked images, then hit TOOLS —> COLOUR —> TRANSPARENT. Once you find the image you'd like you simply copy it, and then paste it into your Bitmoji classroom.

Can you do transparency in Google Slides? ›

How do I make an image transparent in Google Slides? Select the image you want to make transparent. Go to the "Format" option in the top menu bar. Click on "Adjust Transparency" or "Set Transparent Color," depending on what effect you would like to achieve with your image.

How do you make a Bitmoji background transparent in Google Slides? ›

Open a new Google Slides (or PowerPoint, or Keynote if you want an easy transparent background) and go to file – page setup, select custom and change the size to 8 x 8 inches. If you are using PowerPoint or Keynote, change the background to Transparent.

How do I add Bitmoji to Google Slides? ›

You can either just drag the bitmoji to your presentation or right-click on the bitmoji and select copy image > then paste the image into the slide. Resize or customize the bitmoji (crop, animate, etc.) according to your requirements, and you are all ready to move.

How do I create a virtual interactive classroom? ›

How to Set Up a Virtual Classroom
  1. Get Your At-Home Workspace Ready. Creating a designated space for work and online teaching is crucial for educators working from home. ...
  2. Test Your Tech Before the Start of Class. ...
  3. Set Classroom Expectations, Goals and Routines. ...
  4. Make Communication and Survey Tools Available.
Aug 20, 2020

How do I make my virtual classroom interactive? ›

8 Ways To Make Online Classes More Interactive
  1. Incorporate Active Learning.
  2. Combine different media types into engaging learning scenarios.
  3. Try running a cohort-based course.
  4. Incorporate live lessons.
  5. Use Microlearning.
  6. Use storytelling methods of teaching.
  7. Use Gamification.
  8. Pause for questions and answer live chats.
Sep 8, 2021

Can Google Slides be interactive? ›

Google Slides can be set up to be interactive activities for students to complete or to use to learn information. Interactive Google Slides projects can be created by both teachers and students.

What is a virtual classroom example? ›

In a virtual class, or online class, professors typically give students assignments to complete each week. For example, week 1 coursework for the class will become available on the site on a Monday. Students will have the full week to review video lectures and complete any readings or assignments by Sunday evening.

What is a Bitmoji classroom? ›

A Bitmoji clasroom is a virtual classroom where educators can deliver content to students in a fun and engaging way. Educators can add a Bitmoji into a virtual classroom to create an animated experience for students.

How do I change my Bitmoji ambient display? ›

Navigate to Settings > Customization > Clock on ambient display > Bitmoji. You may see different screens for different scenarios, just follow the instructions on the screen which can also be seen below.


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